Roll Slitter Rewinder

The GOEBEL IMS RAPID D1 machine is one of the best known slitter rewinders in the world. This slitter has been extremely successful and popular since it was introduced. Today more than ever, the RAPID D1 model is renowned by its special narrow slit applications. This unique GOEBEL slitting system, comprised of the arrangement of top and bottom cutters, spreader roller, and an extremely short web path from the unwind to the rewind section, is integral to the RAPID D1’s long success. The rewind system of this slitter works with
a single shaft, allowing for simple loading
and unloading and a flawless roll quality.

  • Shafted unwind or shaftless motor driven unwind
  • Low maintenance AC drive technology
  • Very short web travel between slitting and winding unit
  • Spreader roller upstream of the slitting unit to improve roll separation
  • Integrated finish roll delivery
  • Constant contact point throughout the winding process
  • Control system with modern PLC and bus technology
  • Modern operating concept with display and storage of winding parameters
  • Remote assistance via internet


Material width Up to 63” (1600 mm)
Running speed Up to 4,921ft/min (1500 m/min)
Unwind diameter Per customer requirement
Rewind diameter Up to 39.37” (1000 mm)


Standard papers, Coated papers, Filter-/Tipping-/Cigarette papers, Board, Aluminum foil and Composite materials

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