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The SEI Laser PackMaker is a multifunctional solution that associates galvo heads or fixed focal lengths for die-cutting, kiss-cutting, marking for different flexible packaging laser applications. This modular solution can use up to 8 upgradeable lasers.

  • Processes: cutting, laser scoring, marking and micro/macro-perforation.
  • Applications: easy open, easy ventilation, easy breath, window packaging.
  • Processable materials: paper, PE, PET, PP, nylon, PTFE, laminated films.
  • Sectors: food & beverage, pet food, personal care, grocery products, and more.


  • Maximum roll width: up to 70.87″ (1800 mm).
  • It can be easily integrated into existing production lines.
  • Modular solution: up to 8 upgradeable lasers.
  • Quality: very high precision in the material removal and micro/macro-perforation, repeatability of the process over time and register die-cutting.
  • Flexibility: the full digital process enables immediate process changeover and a substantial reduction in time and costs of production — impossible with analogue mechanical solutions.
  • ICARO proprietary software.
  • Industry 4.0 Ready: full digital workflow integration. 


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