GOEBEL Monoslit Slitter Rewinders

The World’s Widest Slitter Rewinder for Films

The GOEBEL IMS MONOSLIT and MONOSLIT GIANT machines feature state-of-the-art technology with the highest level of productivity and efficiency.

A wide range of technical features allows you to configure your customized film slitting machine.

Machines of the GOEBEL IMS MONOSLIT series convert a large variety of films both reliably and highly efficiently. This economical, low-maintenance machine concept is extremely flexible, allowing the customer to adapt it to their specific requirements.


  • Automatic, synchronous positioning of the winding stations
  • Winding stations with center drive and individual contact rollers
  • Maintenance free AC drives for each winding arm
  • Operator’s console with high-quality industrial PC
  • Range of slitting variants: Razor blade (in air and in groove), circular knives, burst cut
  • Grooved shaft with customized pitch
  • Individual configuration of winding curves
  • Quick fault diagnosis and simple rectification
  • Library with slitting and product-related data
  • Remote assistance via internet



Material width Up to 472.44” (12,000 mm)
Running speed Up to 4,921 ft/min (1500 m/min)
Unwind diameter Up to 61.02” (1550 mm)
Rewind diameter Up to 51.18” (1250 mm)


BOPP, CPP, OPP, BOPET, OPET, BOPA, BOPLA, PE, Packaging film, Capacitor films, Battery separator films, Optical films and others

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