High-End Products

OLBRICH CTH has the entire range of coating technology at its disposal and can choose from a variety of coating units in order to provide the optimal technology. Coating units and coating processes are carefully tested in the technical center during order processing. This provides safety for the customer and us.

High performance Coating Technology

Olbrich CTH – High-performance Coating Technology


Anti-reflective coating; Hardcoats; Diffuser-, Protector-, Reflector-sheet; PSA coating on films for optical laminations; Window film for
car, buildings for light protction and security


PSA layers from 0.5 microns for protection films; Various layers for LCD, OLED displays; Coatings
onto clear – and conductive layers; films for the
photo-voltaic industry


Various digital graphics display coatings on
films for optical laminations; Window film for
car, buildings for light protection and security


Adhesive layers for laminates, Blisters, Transdermal medical substances and drug delivery; Fast dissolvable films (oral films, wafer)


Release film for lamination transfers
electrodes; Battery seperator membrane

Industrial and Automotive

Various adhesive layers for laminating; Chemically active thin surface layers


Barrier coatings; Protection lacquers on metallised films and papers

Release paper and films

Silicons (100% thermal and UV) on paper and film, one sided and double sided

Label stock and tapes

Silicon on paper- and filmic liners, adhesive coated and laminates to face material; Tapes, singles and double sided, for technical application; Tapes for diapers