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Lombardi Digistar modular flexographic printing machines feature high-tech components to help get jobs done faster. Equipped with standardized automation systems, Digistar can be configured based on your specific needs for projects ranging from narrow web to mid web.

Additional modules offer flat screen printing, flat bed foil embossing and hologram in-set, die cutting, cold foil and more.



Modular Printing and Finishing Solutions from Lombardi


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The Bravo high performance, flat screen unit is an inline modular label solutions. Designed as an alternative to off-line printing processes, it enables the production of quality labels in a single process. Easy in-house preparation of screens, lower screen cost and compatibility with the whole gamma of inks. These are just some of the features that make the Bravo unit unique on the market.

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The Toro inline flat bed foil embossing and hologram in-set system. The ideal solutions for labels, wine, spirits, security and much more. Its rotatable head allows the processing of several foils in a single pass. High stroke frequency.
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The Volo die cutting unit is equipped with an innovative paper recovery system through a linear cartridge that allows the use of a single magnetic cylinder for all printing formats for easy and quick job changeover. It runs up 26.25 ft./min. (8 m/min.).
Lombardi Cold FoilCold foil is the right application for high-quality labels. You can position it by rail on any color group.
Lombardi SheeterSheet output unit (A4) alternatively with tape for output of shaped labels.
Lombardi Delam RelamDelam Relam allows the separation of adhesive paper from the silicone so that it’s printed on the glue side and the re-coupled.
Lombardi Turn BarThis turn bar unit allows printing on the back of the media.
Lombardi Easy WasteEasy Waste allows you to remove asymmetrical waste at high speeds.
Lombardi Rotary DiecutThis Rotary Die Cut unit allows the die cutting of any label shape.
Lombardi Semi-rotary Flexo GroupFlexographic printing unit is equipped with an innovative paper recovery system through a linear cartridge that allows the use of a single cylinder for all printing formats.
Lombardi BookletNeeded for the creation of multi-page labels, the Booklet unit guarantees a perfect register and high production.
Lombardi OverlapMulti-layer labels are often used for pharmaceutical and medical applications, especially when government regulations require product information to remain intact with the product. With a multi-layer label, the customer can also add recipes on food labels, offer detailed instructions, give multilingual information, attracts buyers with coupons and display legal text. The multi-layer unit, made in Lombardi, is able to give value and more opportunities to customer’s business reaching a maximum of four printed layers.
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