Vinfoil Micro Series Cold Foil System, Strong by Simplicity


  • Foil Saving feature: Multi Reel
  • Perfect foil web tension because of Vinfoil’s magnetic powder clutches, torque control and FT locking shafts
  • Speed of up to 18,000 sheets/hour is achievable
  • Very low building height and the access to the printing units is optimal
  • Changing the reels takes place at ground level, which ensures a very easy and safe operation
  • The sensitive metallic layer of the cold foil is never getting in contact with any part of the Vinfoil Optima SF110 GF


  • Single reel with one large reel or multi reel with up to unlimited small reels (min. width 50 mm) enabling you to cover even small cold foil spots.
  • No special brackets for multi reel required
  • 3-inch cores no matter if single or multi reel
  • Perfect rewinding result

Standard Individual Micro Section

Foil Unit (FU)

  • In this unit the foil is un-winded and re-winded. One or more cores at the same time.
  • FU (Foil Unit) for unwinding and perfect rewinding.
  • Speed up to 16,000 sheets/hour
  • Powder magnetic clutch to ensure web tension, in combination with:
    • 3” FT locking shafts to regulate web tension in between the separate rolls when using multireel
    • 15” touch screen for easy operation
    • Automatic diameter detection for optimal foil use till the end
    • Foil Web Break sensor with a resolution of 20mm
    • Adjustable foil core thickness
    • Remote closing and opening of the chucks
    • Remote diagnosis via Ethernet
    • Perfect winding result
Length 97.32″ (2472 mm)
Width 37.40″ (950 mm)
Height 59.64″ (1515 mm)



Semi-Automatic Loading and Unloading System
  • Semi-automatic unloading and loading system, to ensure fast change over times
  • Manual movement in horizontal direction
  • Automatic movement in vertical direction
  • Integrated safety with the foil module
  • Loading and unloading two rolls at the same time
  • Minimum building height
Length 203.93″ (5180 mm)
Width 93.70″ (2380 mm)
Height (measured from module top) 15.35″ (390 mm)


Intelligent Foil Optimizing Program (IFOP)
  • Online software, foil consumption is calculated by just uploading the pdf with the layer of the cold foil
  • Very useful for management and prepress


Manual Foil Shaft Changer (MFSC)
  • If the FSC is not fitting the budget, or space wise it is not possible to install, this device is an alternative
  • An easy tool for preparing fresh reels and empty cores during production
  • Integrated rulers for optimum reel placement
  • Easy transportable by forklift or pallet truck
Length 51.57″ (1310 mm)
Width 31.49″ (800 mm)
Height (measured from floor level) 44.09″ (1120 mm)


Shaft Parking Rack (SPR)
  • Storage for the unused shafts (up to six)
  • Possibility to store the foil web guide rollers
Length 48.62″ (1235 mm)
Width 11.02″ (280 mm)
Height (measured from module top) 48.03″ (1220 mm)


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