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Kelva Static Discharge Bars

Powerful performance and market leading reliability in anti-static equipment make the Kelva Static Discharge Bars the first choice static dischargers for major manufacturers. They work by applying high voltage to an emitter, which makes the electric field ionize the air – breaking it up into positive and negative ions. The ions neutralize the static electricity by being attracted to charges of the opposite polarity.

  • Designed to be 3 or 4 times as powerful as traditional static dischargers, yet using the lower supply voltage of 5.5kV
  • All sensitive electronic parts are encapsulated for maximum reliability
  • Emitters at 10 mm pitch provide the most intense field of static neutralization

Kelva Power Units

Kelva Power Units supply the energy to run the latest high-performance static eliminators from Kelva. The Power Units produce high-voltage, low-current in a controlled and safe way to provide the power for Kelva Static Eliminators.

  • Can serve up to two or four static eliminators
  • Bayonet connectors for fast and easy connection of the static eliminators
  • Compact sizes suitable for machines in all sizes

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