Adhesive rolls

Kelva Consumables Adhesive Rolls

Kelva adhesive rolls have moisture resistant paper to ensure that the material remains stable during transit, storage and use. Consistent winding quality ensures equal contact with the rubber rollers. Adhesive rolls have a very high adhesive coat weight and are available also pre-sheeted.

Polymer rollers

Kelva’s polymer rollers are manufactured using low-silicone polymer compound, assuring a good pick-up of any contamination and preventing any silicone bleed to the material being cleaned. Kelva polymer rollers are also available in a FDA-approved, silicone-free version.

All rollers can also be produced to fit non-Kelva cleaners.

Kelva contact web cleaning principleKelva Contact Web Cleaner Operation

The polymer roller touches the web and collects dust, which will be transmitted to the adhesive roll when they get in contact with each other.


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