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Invicta i2 Large Flexo Web Press

Invicta i2 Large Flexo Web Press, from Lombardi, offers web widths including 29.53″ (750 mm), 33.46″ (850 mm) and 43.31″ (1100 mm). It is gearless and shaftless with direct drive technology on the three main elements of the printing unit including the sleeve shaft, anilox shaft and drum shaft. Thanks to this and to a frame featuring 1.97″ (50 mm) shoulders, this machine delivers guaranteed quality. 10 motors for each printing unit, ensuring the highest level of automation ever.

The model 1100, together with the maximum print area of 36” (914 mm), makes it possible to print 10.76 square feet (1 square meter) of web, making Invicta i2 the biggest printing press in terms of processable substrate in its category.

The Invicta i2 large flexo web press is equipped with full electronic pre-register system, register system and print pressures system, ensuring the finest quality and the shortest set-up time. Each printing parameter can be saved.



Invicta i2 sizes

  • 29.53" (750 mm)
  • 33.46" (850 mm)
  • 43.31" (1100 mm)
Invicta i2 has a maximum development of 36 inches (914 mm). This press can print any type of film material and aluminum as low as 12 MY. Invicta i2 can print plastic films for, roll fed, shrink and stretch applications as well as multi substrates, aluminum and light carton. Even distribution of ink, is guaranteed thanks to anilox shaft of 150 mm diameter and anilox sleeve mounted on mandrel 420 of 127,144 mm. Quick change inking system, thanks to close chambers doctor blade featuring automatic inking and automatic washing.

Drying options:

  • UV mercury
  • UV led
  • Electron beam
  • Hot air dryers for solvent-based ink
  • Hot air dryers for water based ink

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