Plastic Converting Lines For Plastic FilmsPlastic Converting Lines

Few industrial sectors have a strong technological diversification such as plastic films and related converted products. The different resins, their combination in layers through lamination and/or co-extrusion, the presence of reinforcing layers make every product unique. For this reason the slitter rewinders, finishing machines utilized in the field, have their best value in the versatility so as to offer the best performance with the most different materials.

Machinery versatility is the result of experience and knowledge of different materials: every new project for IMS-OMM slitter-rewinders starts understanding the process of slitting and rewinding and the previous conversion processes. The finishing process then should contribute to optimizing productivity, not only through higher speed, but through automated solutions to reduce process time and increase accuracy.

The automation can also be extended to the handling downstream to grant product traceability and improved packaging solutions, particularly in food and medical applications, where the absence of contamination is essential.

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