Converting Machines for Paper and Paperboard

Paperboard Converting LineFinishing machines are required in both paper mills and paper converting industries. But the attention is often concentrated on manufacturing very good and high-quality papers while the finishing area is forgotten or considered a less important issue. A very good product can be completely devalued if the slitting quality is poor or if the rolls are not well wound.

This is why we have concentrated our attention on designing and supplying reliable and efficient machines to cover the needs of the primary slitting as well as the finishing area.

Our customized designs enables the user of our machinery to fulfill the needs of their most demanding customers, in difficult domains like tobacco-related papers, tea bag papers, aseptic packaging materials, thin, delicate and pressure sensitive papers, papers and paperboards with delicate surface, complex materials for labels, as well as any other kind of paper and paperboard requiring good slitting and winding.

Our range includes slitter rewinders, inspection rewinders and a series of high-performance automatic un- and re-winders ideal to equip printing presses, laminating or coating lines or any other converting machine requiring flying splice of large rolls of paper or paperboard in high speed.

T0 | Slitter-Rewinders
T2 OR AP22 | Slitter-Rewinders
TA1 | Slitter and Rewinders
TRP | Two Drum Winder
GM3 | Slitters & Rewinders
RA2 | Slitters & Rewinders
AZ7 | Slitters & Rewinders
DOC | Inspection-Rewinders
SNS | Unwinders
AP| Rewinders

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