Aluminum Converting Lines For Aluminum Foils and Laminates

IMS RUI aluminum rewinder slitter

Special machines are required for different aluminum foil applications. These include:

  • Foil rolling mill, doubling and separating machines
  • Used in rolling lines as part of the main process
    • Foil converting with many complementary capabilities
  • Slitter-rewinders to produce the reels for the final customer and in some cases, provide a surface finishing by embossing on foils and laminates

Foil Rolling Mill
SD02 | Foil Separator
DB01 | Foil Doubler
RU4 | Slitter and Rewinder
RU6 | Slitter and Rewinder

Foil Converting
MEC7 | Slitter and Rewinder
RU1 | Slitter and Rewinder
K100 | Embossing Machine

Roll Handling Automation
Customized Solutions for Downstream Roll Handling

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