GOEBEL topslit Slitter large Rewind diameters

The GOEBEL IMS TOPSLIT Slitter Rewinder machine is a center winder for handling large rewind diameters. It features an advanced bearing and unique contact pressure control. It is engineered for rapid slitting size adjustment and fast finished roll unloading. Precision control of the winding parameters and optimum drive and control technologies contribute to high roll quality.

  • Wrapped shear slitting system with bottom and top cutter shafts or bottom cutter shaft and individual top knives
    • Tangential shear cut knives also available
  • Integrated finished roll removal system
  • Precision electronic control of contact pressure and rewind tension
  • A.C. drive technology
  • Short web run after slitting for optimal roll separation and edge quality
  • Controls system with modern PLC and bus technology
  • Control system with touch panel
  • Modern operating concept with display and storage of winding parameters
  • Optional pull roll group
  • Shaftless unwind
  • Tele-service


Material width 39.37” – 78.74” (1000 – 2000 mm)
Running speed Up to 3,937.01 ft./min. (1200 m/min.)
Unwind diameter 39.37” – 59.06” (1000 – 1500 mm)
Rewind diameter Up to 59.06” (1500 mm)


Coated paper, uncoated paper, paperboard, SD/inkjet/thermal paper, filter/tipping/cigarette paper, technical paper, flexible laminates

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