GOEBEL Rapid-automatic Slitter Rewinder

The GOEBEL IMS Rapid-Automatic slitter rewinder machine offers all the well-proven advantages of the rapid machines and more. Rapid-automatic machines are equipped with a fully-automatic turret rewinder which minimizes the time required for a finished roll change. The rapid series is well known for its high-precision slitting and winding technology and excellent finished roll quality.

  • Fully-automated roll set change
  • Turret rewinder
  • Roll removal system
  • Precise electronic control of contact pressure and rewind tension
  • Short web run after slitting for optimal roll separation and edge quality
  • A.C. drive technology
  • Modern operating concept with display and storage of winding parameters
  • Controls system with modern PLC and bus technology
  • Control system with touch panel or PC with Windows NT
  • Tele-service


Material width 39.37” – 78.74” (1000 – 2000 mm)
Running speed Up to 3,280.84 ft./min. (1000 m/min.)
Unwind diameter Up to 78.74” (2000 mm)
Rewind diameter 39.37” (1000 mm)


Coated paper, uncoated paper, SD/inkjet/thermal paper, cigarette paper, technical paper

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