The GOEBEL IMS OPTIMA 2000 machine is a multiple-purpose, duplex slitter rewinder. Due to its variety of winding systems including direct winding, contact winding and suspension winding this machine can convert almost any material (paper, film, foil). Short web travel sections ensure excellent finished roll quality. The machine offers innovative solutions for optimum roll handling. Compared with conventional machines, readily exchangeable knife cassettes reduce setup time.

  • Shaftless or shafted unwind
  • Goebel wrapped shear slitting system
  • Short web run after slitting for optimal roll separation and edge quality
  • Slitting cassette for quick-size change
  • Integrated finished roll removal system
  • Precise electronic control of contact pressure and rewind tension
  • A.C. drive technology
  • Controls system with modern PLC and bus technology
  • Touch panel
  • Modern operating concept with display and storage of winding parameters
  • Integrated control cabinet and hydraulic unit
  • Tele-service


Material width 19.69” – 70.87” (500 – 1800 mm)
Running speed 1,640.42 – 2,624.67 ft./min. (500 – 800 m/min.)
Unwind diameter 31.50” – 59.06” (800 – 1500 mm)
Rewind diameter 23.62”/31.50” (600/800 mm)


PP/PA, PET, PE, PVC, technical papers, flexible laminates, self-adhesive laminates, aluminum foil

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