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Aluminum Foil Slitter

The NovaSlit S is an aluminum foil slitter capable of winding and slitting hard-rolled and soft-annealed aluminum foils and precisely cutting foil thicknesses from 6 — 50 μm. It offers accurate foil guiding between individual rollers, wrinkle-free material feeding and optimal winding density of finished rolls.

Aluminum foil can be finished in small lots after the annealing process. This allows for short delivery times and high flexibility. Any remaining stock and coiled material remnants on rolls can be processed.

The NovaSlit S offers high-quality slitting and winding of hard rolled and soft annealed aluminum foils, and unique technical advantages for the operator.


  • Short material distances for optimal foil guiding between rollers even with soft annealed foil
  • Trailed roller for a fold-free material run with even the thinnest films
  • Large-sized inlet roller for a high wrap angle and quiet material guidance
  • Radial and axial positionable razor, option on blade tip or blade surface cut
  • Free machine access for user-friendly monitoring of the production process and simultaneous fine adjustment
  • Welding section with horizontally movable welding rollers
  • Linear adjustable contact rollers for optimal winding density of finished rolls
  • Material-saving finished roll removal


  • Foil thickness capability: 6 — 50 μm
  • Finished roll diameter: up to 32 inches (800 mm)
  • Maximum diameter for re-reeling on the bottom rewinder: 39 inches (1,000 mm)

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