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Folding Carton Configuration

The FL5 flexographic printing and converting solution has been designed and engineered by Edale, resulting in a versatile printing system that can be configured to produce a wide range of paperboard or carton-based products and scratch cards.

The FL5 + FDC510 prints, converts and runs in-line with the FDC510 flatbed die cutter to produce cartons in a single pass.


Shaftless Dual Servo Motors – Independent servo motors drive both the print and web transport ensuring high precision, control and quality. The FL5’s “shaft-less” technology enables print engineers to optimize press performance to the required application, delivering controlled tension and accurate registration across a wide range of substrates.

Gearless Impression – The FL5 delivers unrivaled substrate flexibility without the need for adjustment. The technology ensures the same optimal print quality and performance is achieved across the range of board thickness.

Flat Bed Die Cutting – The web-fed flatbed die cutter runs in-line with the flexographic printing press and combines low tooling costs with cut, crease, braille, waste stripping and diverging delivery all in a single pass.

AiiR – Fully-automated inking, print impression, camera linear and cross registration controlled by AVT. Bespoke software, developed in-house, ensures that 5 additional motors, positioned on each print station, adjust the print impression, inking and cross register to ensure the highest print quality. Optional upgrade available.

UniPrint – Edales Unique UniPrint technology ensures optimal and consistent geometry, whatever the print repeat. Maintaining an optimal relationship between the anilox, plate and impression roll means the FL5 delivers consistent high quality, whatever the print repeat.

Short Web Path – An ultra-short web path of 6.06 ft. (1.85 m) between print stations ensures minimal waste and maximum efficiency during print setup and on the run.



  • Web width: 17” (430 mm) – 20” (510 mm)
  • Printing width (flexo): 16.5” (420 mm) – 19.7” (508 mm)
  • Mechanical speed (flexo): 16.4 – 656 ft./min
  • Print speed with inline flatbed die cutting – <295.2 ft./min
  • Substrate thickness: up to 600 microns (24 pt)
  • Max. unwind capacity (jumbo): 59” 1763.7 lbs. (1.5 800 Kg)


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