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Single Pass Print and Personalization Pre-Paid Card and Lottery Line

Edale’s Card Line is a highly productive web-fed solution for the manufacture of low-cost pre-paid telecom recharge cards or lottery tickets. The system reduces costs by combining multiple manufacturing processes into a single pass. This complete solution ensures the lowest cost per pin with the ability to produce 200,000 CR80 sized cards and tickets or 1,000,000 pins per hour.

Flexographic Printing – Graphics can be printed on the top and the bottom of the card

Print High Opacity – Backing panels, confusion panels and protective layers enable reduced substrate calliper, without compromising security

Data Control – Windows-based data controller ensures a fully-integrated system comprising of product tracking, reorder, logging, data encryption and security access

Screen Printing – Solvent screen printing of the scratch panel guarantees best quality scratch with the highest opacity at the lowest cost

Void Marking Void marking linked with the data and scratch panel verification system ensures void cards are identified for removal and replacement

Infeed and Tension – Allows up to 5 ft. (1.5 m) diameter rolls with a material range from paper to board (up to 600 micron)

Inkjet Personalisation – Drop on demand technology gives flexibility on data positioning content and orientation

Data Verification – Integrated data verification system provides 100% monitoring, comparing all printed variable data to production files

Scratch Panel Verification – Verification of scratch panel positions and integrity ensures that pin numbers are always securely covered

Rotary Die Cutting – In-line rotary die cutting ensures card format can be changed from multi-pin sheet, with the change of a single tool

Delivery – Card stacking or shingle delivery systems ensure sequences are accurately maintained, even at high speeds with multiple cards across the web



  • Web width: 17” – 20” (430 – 510 mm)
  • Printing width (flexo): 16.5”  – 19.7” (420 – 508 mm)
  • Mechanical speed (flexo): 16.4 – 656 ft./min. (5 – 200 m/min.)
  • Substrate thickness: up to 600 microns (24 pt.)
  • Max unwind capacity (jumbo): 59” 1763.7 lbs. (1.5 m 800 Kg)
  • Production speed: 1,000,000 pins per hour



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