XTRASLIT 2, the Solution for Conversion of Films, Flexible Packaging, and Sensitive Papers


In 2015, an important customer of GOEBEL IMS needed a slitter rewinder for the converting of polyester films with thicknesses of up to 350 µm. PET films are suitable for many applications, e.g. optical fields, because of their unique characteristics. Using a standard slitter rewinder was not possible due to the sensitive film surface. This machine concept gave birth to the XTRASLIT 2.


The XTRASLIT 2 is a universal machine for converting paper, films and packaging materials. It is generally used as a secondary slitter with working widths of up to 3,600 mm. This advanced machinery allows for comprehensive adjustments and extensions of special applications with its strictly modular design concept. The material is wound onto steel cores directly from the film production and then inserted to the XTRASLIT 2 for further processing.


While a simple razor blade is sufficient for cutting thin films, thicker materials require the use of a shear cut. The extremely sensitive surfaces of thick films are vulnerable to damage during the transport of the film through the machine. To ensure a scratch-free surface, special roller surfaces were chosen and the roller speeds were optimally adjusted. Furthermore, the XTRASLIT 2 was modified to guarantee the highest quality throughout the slitting process even for thick polyester films. A tangential shear cut ensures that there is only minimum contact between the film and the slitting unit during the process. The manually adjustable bottom cutters are positioned on a combined shaft with a circumferential speed set to be slip-free.


Additional technical features of the modified XTRASLIT 2 include a measuring roller for controlling the web tension, a dust extraction system in the area of the cutters as well as a special trim handling. This slitter rewinder is designed for a work width of up to 3,600 mm. It allows cuts from 180 mm and the conversion of material thicknesses between 2 and 400 µm. Highly productive, economic production of finished rolls can be assured with a speed of 1,200 m/min.




GOEBEL IMS is the world’s leading provider of slitter rewinders for converting paper and board, tobacco, films, alufoil, aseptic packaging and other special materials. No other manufacturer covers such a wide range of slitters. The range of products includes slitter rewinders and winding machines for the production and converting process, as well as inspection and spindle machines for processing. Their machines are developed and manufactured at production sites in Germany and Italy. In addition to manufacturing machines, GOEBEL IMS is also your contact partner when it comes to modernizing and optimizing machines, and delivers spare parts and accessories.