Flexible Packaging Applications


True Digital Flexible Package Finishing

Flexible packaging plays a strategic role in the food & beverage and fast-moving consumer goods sectors, becoming an element for recognizing and differentiating a product from its competitors.


More and more companies have made packaging a medium for promoting their brand awareness, giving it a fundamental role in marketing and communication strategies.


SEI Laser machines for flexible packaging offer  innovative solutions like easy-open, window packaging, easy-breath and easy-ventilation for microwave cooking.


SEI Flexible Packaging Line is a range of laser systems designed by SEI Laser for cutting, laser scoring and macro and micro-perforation of flexible single or multi-layered films made of different materials, including paper, PE, PET, PP, nylon, PTFE and laminated films.

Web Cleaning

KELVA is the leading supplier of web and sheet cleaning equipment. Specific solutions for labels assure you of the best cleaning solution for your application.


The majority of labels are printed on coated paper, film or foil webs. A dust-free production line can help improve quality and customer satisfaction. KELVA offers non-contact and contact solutions for new machines and for retrofit in existing machines.


Machine Solutions

Explore SEI Laser Flexible Packaging Machines

Packmaster CW

Packmaster CW

Laser machine for window packaging.

SEI Laser PackMaker


Multifunctional laser machine for flexible packaging.

Packmaster WD

Web direction: production speed for flexible packaging thanks to laser technology.

Flexible Packaging Upgrades

KELVA Web Cleaning

KELVA web cleaning systems remove contamination from moving webs, improving product quality, reducing waste and improving workplace safety while maintaining production speed.

Support and Service

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