Label and Labeling


Codimag's VIVA 340 Evolution Press with Aniflo Technology is available for exclusive trials during the showCodimag is to host the ‘AnifloLive Experience’ at Labelexpo Europe 2017, with label printers invited to submit files for production and see the Aniflo end-to-end workflow first-hand.


Through ‘AnifloLive Experience’, Codimag will demonstrate, in real time, the ability to print a label within 30 minutes of receiving the file. At Labelexpo Europe 2017, printers may schedule an exclusive appointment to observe Codimag process their own PDF file in an automated workflow that includes color management (using Esko Equinox software), color proofing, plate imaging, press make-ready and printing.


Codimag’s Aniflo technology will be featured on a Viva 340 Evolution press. Using waterless offset inks and plates, an Aniflo unit comprises an offset unit and a simple anilox delivery system that supplies a uniform ink amount across the web.


Those wishing to take part in the ‘AnifloLive Experience’ at Labelexpo Europe 2017 are advised to contact PDF files, to be sent by 17:00 CET on September 22, should feature a minimum label size of 305 x 305mm, with embedded images of minimum 300 DPI and text outlined. Each participant will receive a bottle of French wine, and have the chance to win a special prize.


Benoit Demol, Codimag managing director, said: ‘Aniflo offers an end-to-end workflow with supporting software that enables a printer with even limited experience in offset to achieve precise, predictable results quickly and easily, and compete for short and medium run jobs.


‘By staging the Codimag “AnifloLive Experience”, we intend to provide hard proof of this possibility, which is demonstrably benefiting label printing operations serving consumer goods markets worldwide.’


Codimag will also unveil enhancements to the Viva 340 Evolution at Labelexpo Europe 2017. This includes: an improved human-machine interface to transfer pre-press data for label printing with minimal manual input in minutes; and advanced software that allows automated register synchronization and connectivity with elements in the customer’s  IT environment, such as pre-press and ERP systems.


A Viva 340 Combination press, a modular hybrid machine that can be configured according to customer needs, shown will feature five Aniflo stations in combination with rotary screen, an enhanced flat-bed foil embossing combo unit and flexo varnish. New features include a shorter matrix path to the rewinder, and automated web guidance and camera inspection.