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Hot Foil solutions
Melzer RFID solutions
How to produce PS material
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The Digital Alternative
Laser die cutting of labels
BEST value finishing machines
New OMET X6 530 press
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Hot Foil Solutions by Gietz


The performance leader in foil stamping.


The Gietz 1060 Foil Commander - unmatched productivity at 8,000 SPH


The Gietz FSA 870 - the half sheet size king 


The Gietz ROFO machine ideal for gravure printed roll to roll  hot foil applications.


Gietz - #1 by design!

To watch all the Gietz machines in action Click here 
RFID Solutions by MELZER
With up to 60,000 products/h the new SL-600 extends MELZER's range of RFID converting lines. Converting self-adhesive label stock and dry inlays to 100 % good RFID labels has never been that fast, reliable and economic. With a web width of 250 mm and maximum 6 parallel inlay tracks, the MELZER SL-600 covers all current RFID products - and is already perfectly prepared for the future miniaturization of RFID products . Precise servo-drives, accurate in-line RFID readers, powerful punching units, reliable matrix removal systems and full process control ensure security of production and investment.

With a speed of 60,000 products/h the MELZER SL-600 is perfectly matching market demands for mass applications. Highest throughput, lowest tooling costs and lowest costs of ownership make the SL-600 the first choice for leading RFID product suppliers - with the market advantage of shipping
100 % good products. 
Click Here for more info

visit Melzer at Labelexpo,
booth #1441
Produce your own PS label material
 ESS Multilayer
The New ESS Multilayer 520 allows you to apply hot-melt adhesive on to a web to make your own labels.
In-line with a press (flexo, digital, offset) or off-line as a stand alone solution.
Print the web BEFORE making the label - ideal for clear labels.

Ask us how the ESS Multilayer 520 can improve your profitability.
Fast Facts

RFID market to grow

17% in 2012


US label shipments forecast to grow 4.8% annually to 2015


Heat shrink labels

to grow at the

fastest rate to 2015 

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Welcome to the first edition of the  Matik e-newsletter,
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We have a new company motto, "Matik - Your Technology Partner". Matik represents some of the leading manufacturers in the printing, packaging and converting fields for the label, film, corrugated box, security, direct mail, tissue & slitting/rewinding industries. Our European partners utilize the latest technologies which deliver exceptional performance and productivity allowing you to beat the competition in today's challenging marketplace.

The purpose of our newsletter is to share with you information on the latest technologies from our manufacturers as well as trends in the industry. Our goal is to offer insightful news, tips, and information that we hope you will find useful. We encourage your feedback and your stories about how our machinery helped your business!
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The Digital Alternative
NO click charges
      NO  expensive consumables
           NO maintenance contracts
                One step inline print & finishing
Aniflo Inking unit
1. Anilox
2. Ink Fountain
3.Form roller
4. Plate cylinder
5. Blanket cylndr
6.IR temp control 

Very low ($4) offset plate costs, 5-minute plate making, low waste, and short make-ready make the Codimag Viva 340 with it's ANIFLO "keyless"anilox offset system the ideal solution for short (less than 1,000 feet) to medium run label production.


The ANIFLO is a very innovative offset printing unit on which ink is delivered by an anilox in order to get a constant and regular ink volume. The ANIFLO is the right mix of flexo and offset technologies to eliminate variables (such as ink key control for example) and stabilize the print process, reducing waste and make-ready time.


With offset quality and anilox stability, the ANIFLO allows process stabilization and control, color management becomes a much easier job.


Stop by Codimag's booth (#3429) to see 4 job changeovers running live including printing 116 PMS colors using seven color (CMYKOGB) expanded gamut!


Click Here to Watch the Codimag Viva Aniflo press in Action!

Laser Die Cutting of labels
The SEI Label Master laser die cutting/finishing system is the most complete and professional "roll to roll" system available for die cutting and digital finishing. Label Master
SEI Labelmaster laser finishing system
processes roll materials for the packaging and labeling industry.
SEI's Label Master is a highly professional combination system for digital finishing. The SEI
Label Master can be configured as a standalone station for laser die cutting or it can be completed with numerous finsihing options.
* Finishing options include: semi-rotary die cutting, micro-piercing, easy open perforations, engraving, coding and due to the available options it can allow: printing, flexo-printing, inspection and slitting
* Materials able to process include: Paper, PE, PET, PP, TNT etc.

SEI Laser has 30 years of experience building electronic & laser systems. SEI Laser builds fully integrated systems combining C02 lasers from the leading supplier with their in-house ability to provide custom mechanical, software, optics & scanning heads to provide solutions with industry leading performance. Rather than buying all components from suppliers to assemble a label die cutting/finishing system as many competitors do, SEI uses their expertise to deliver a highly flexible and efficient label production system. The SEI Labelmaster is unique in that it utilizes two independent lasers. This offers several advantages, there is no seam since each laser is independent they are NOT sticthed together, this provides faster production speeds and if one laser should have a problem the other laser can continue die cutting without stopping production (in effect providing built in redundancy).

The SEI Labelmaster offers industry leading performance (up to 60m/min),flexibility & quality. See the Labelmaster in production at the Laser Die cutting workshop at Labelexpo running 4 different jobs or stop by SEI's booth #6551.

Click here to see the Labelmaster in action!
The BEST value for inspection slitter-rewinders
Grafotronic HI with 100% inspection
There are many choices when it comes to choosing a finishing system. But no other manufacturer can provide you the total  value that Grafotronic finishing systems delivers; Scandavian design and quality, industry leading performance, simple user friendly controls, and a 2 year warranty all at very competitive pricing.

Grafotronic offers a full line of narrow web die cutting, inspection and finishing machines. From tabletop rewinders to die cutters, inspection slitter-rewinders to modular converting lines (for digital finishing applications) to their Pharmaline system which provides 100% inspection of labels & booklets at high speed! All Grafotronic finishing machines are quality built to the highest European standards. Almost all parts are from common suppliers so they can be found locally. Plus, Grafotronic engineers are able to monitor your machine from the factory for instant support where needed.

Grafotronic offers the BEST price/performance on the market today.

Click here to learn more.
OMET Printing Solutions
OMET X6 at Labelexpo
New OMET X6-530 press
The OMET X-FLEX press revolutionized the narrow web industry in 2007. Features include very short web path, x-tremely rapid changeovers, low waste, exceptional print stability and print quality.
Now OMET introduces a NEW Benchmark in mid-web press productivity,the X-FLEX X6 530 press! With the ability to print X-tremely efficiently on a wide range of materials. Stop by booth #3123 to see the amazing performance of the New X-FLEX X6 530 press from OMET.
The OMET X-FLEX press - Often imitated, never equalled!
Click Here to watch the X-FLEX video
"There's a way to do it better-find it." 
  Thomas Edison