Installation of Gietz FSA 870 Compact in Poland


Matik, Inc., exclusive North American distributor of Gietz, is proud to Gietz FSA 870 pictureannounce that NESTORpack has invested in an FSA 870 Compact. NESTORpack is a packaging company located in Ludwinów, Poland. They specialize in the print finishing of folded boxes for food, pharma, premium items and beauty products.


In the packaging and magazine printing markets, the Gietz FSA 870 Compact is a well-sought after machine. The FSA 870 is an industry leader, exceeding the demands of customers with above average standards of quality and precision. It is reliable and renowned for its registration accuracy, the excellent quality of the foil stamping and high production speeds.


Easy and fast operation lead to fast production project turnovers and contribute to the overall capabilities of the machine. In summary, Gietz is a brand that has recognition in every plant around the world. Having devices of the Swiss giant in the machine park will always be attractive for customers, ensuring high quality and speed of their orders.


About Gietz


Switzerland is not just cheese, banks and watches! Switzerland is also the place where the latest technologies are created. Gietz is the epitome of this, offering an unparalleled quality of packaging machine. Established in 1892, Gietz has always been a family owned company. It has become a family tradition that each Gietz generation develops a new machine model. Their researchers and developers ensure that the latest findings from the global user community and from their own research flow continuously into the different machine models.