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Test-drive Codimag’s VIVA press with ANIFLO technology at Labelexpo


Codimag Viva 420, profitsDigital label presses for short-run projects, less than 2,000 feet (610 m), have gained attention in recent years. However, short-run jobs only make up a small share of most label companies’ yearly sales. Many label converters struggle with short- to medium-run sizes, less than 25,000 feet (7,620 m), often with multiple SKUs (stock keeping units). Some label converters will produce larger short runs using digital equipment. However, the slow speed of digital equipment translates to longer production time. Other label converters use flexographic equipment for larger short-run orders, which reduce profits due to higher costs that include more waste, plates and longer setup time. Hybrid digital presses have become an alternative. Yet, many hybrid digital presses have color management and quality issues.


There is one solution that bridges the gap and enables label converters to produce short- to medium-run orders with greater profitability than digital, hybrid or flexography. Distributed in North America by Matik, Inc. Codimag’s ANIFLO technology delivers high-quality printing in a cost-effective platform.


Codimag’s VIVA press with patented ANIFLO technology combines the color consistency of an anilox with the low prepress cost and consistent quality of offset with the efficiency of an intermittent press platform. The Codimag VIVA press with ANIFLO technology offers many benefits over flexographic and digital equipment, such as:


  • No plate cylinders to switch
  • No die cylinders to change
  • No adhesive-back tape needed
  • No impression settings required
  • No priming required; use standard substrates
  • No click charges
  • No expensive monthly service fees
  • Lower-cost waterless offset inks
  • Low-cost, $3 printing plates
  • 5-minute plate making
  • Only 3 anilox types required for all substrates
  • Simple color management system
  • Easy-offset extended color gamut using ESKO Equinox
  • In-line finishing (screen, varnish, lamination, hot/cold foil and die cutting)
  • Offset print quality of 200 LPI
  • Production speed up to 200 feet (61 m) per minute, or 12,000 impressions per hour


Codimag’s VIVA press can deliver greater profitability than flexographic, hybrid or digital solutions for run orders from 1,000 to 70,000 feet (305 to 21,336 m). Codimag’s patented ANIFLO inking and color management system distributes exceptional color consistency and repeatability.


For information on Codimag’s VIVA ANIFLO presses, visit, call +1 860.232.2323 or email


At Labelexpo Americas in Chicago, Sept. 13–15, Codimag invites label converters to test-drive the VIVA press. Bring your file to Codimag’s booth #5803 at Labelexpo, and watch your job go from file to printed labels in less than 30 minutes. Codimag will image your plates, print a color proof, and print labels in up to six-color expanded gamut with exceptional quality, while matching the color proof.


Additionally, Codimag will feature the new XAAR bar at Labelexpo for white down label applications in place of rotary screen. The Codimag VIVA press with ANIFLO technology is available in 13- and 16-inch (330 and 406 mm) widths in either roll-to-roll or roll-to-finished label configurations.



Since 1978, Codimag has been manufacturing presses for the business form market, and now for the label market. Codimag offers machines ranging from 13 to 16.6 inches (330 to 422 mm) wide. Presses are available in waterless offsetletterpress and Aniflo keyless anilox offset technologies.


Matik, Inc.

Matik, Inc. is the premier North American distributor of Codimag, SEI S.p.A., GOEBEL-IMS, Melzer and other advanced European technologies. With headquarters in West Hartford, Connecticut, and several regional sales offices in the United States and Canada, Matik offers the widest range of printing, converting and packaging equipment in the industry. Matik also provides parts and support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.