Label and Labeling


Graphium demonstration at Labelexpo Europe Edale uses its presence at Labelexpo Europe 2017 to showcase its design philosophy of ‘innovate not complicate’, with a highly automated FL3 to focus on the reduction of operator set-up, allowing for consistent and repeatable production.


The 6-color FL3 will feature all of Edale’s latest features, and the live demonstrations are intended to give attendees an insight to what can be achieved with automation, and in some cases autonomous operation. To demonstrate hybrid printing capabilities, a 6-color Graphium unit will be incorporated into the FL3.


James Boughton, Edale managing director, said: ‘One of the main concerns raised to us as a supplier to the label industry is the scarcity of new talented printers coming through. We took a decision a few years back to use this as a basis for our “innovate not complicate” design philosophy and came to the conclusion that by reducing operator input our customers would have control on quality and waste, no matter who the operator is.’


Edale’ autonomous inking, impression and registration (AiiR) technology allows the press to set the printing functions without operator adjustments. All the operator has to do is change the print cylinders and press the start button. The Edale software, in conjunction with AVT camera technology, then takes control of the press, including a 100 percent inspection feature. The operator is then free to prepare for the next job.


The semi-rotary die-cutting module will show auto die loading and unloading, and auto-register. A job that could take 15 minutes in a production environment and produce a high amount of waste is now set-up in less than two minutes with no waste and consistency, and with no real operator skill required. Auto-set slitting gives the same advantages.


A new product from Edale for digital embellishments is also shown at Labelexpo Europe 2017. The EFX Digital Print Bar system is a digital bar that replaces traditional methods for ease of use and efficiency. The system can be rail mounted on new presses as well as retro fitted onto existing presses. EFX offers a wider range of options, including digital foil and varnish, high build varnish and a screen replacement white.